1,024 by 768

I’m doing site targeted towards people who likely have a respectable amount of computer expertise. Is it reasonable that is expected them to have a 1, 024 times 768 minimum resolution, or should WE still assume 900 x 600

Given as well as involves phototography, I can make it way better with a higher canvas.

When they have computer expertise I’d say they’d be at 1024*768 at least.

Decided! Experienced computer people, in my practical experience, tend to perform at above 1024 x 768.

Likewise, basically every computer you go and buy brand-new from PC World or the like have monitors which are automatically on 1024 by 768, and most persons either don’t discover how to, or can’t be bothered to transform it.

Thus yeah, I’d assume that the majority of people use 1024 back button 768!

Well I consider any assumption you make should be a very dangerous you. Though most persons work at 1024 times 768 atleast you can actually create one to get 800 x 600 after which another version pertaining to 1024 x 768 and also higher. Just be aware web design is really a dangerous place for you to assume anything.

I would foundation the decision on age your target audience together with their level regarding IT knowledge. I don’t think I know anybody under 50 who uses much less that 1024 (that’s not to imply that everyone around 40 does).

I’ve just been through a similar choice process with an intranet site here and of the 150 or so people that will use it only one person used a new resolution below 1024.

Still you can’t consider anything about several one else’s laptop or computer.

Can’t think 100%, but you may earn a pretty excellent guess. If going by majority, it’s an amazing vast majority that will now use 1024 times 768, and hence, via an educated guess, you CAN assume that a certain person’s computer may have a set res.

You possibly can never be 100% upon anything in lifestyle, but you can make good guesses, and it’s mostly about catering for that majority.

This completely depends available,
Will be site going to involve money (maybe any paid stock images site)
How greater expense it involves, how more fraction of 1024×768 and also higher users you will have.
I also want to get rid of this useless 800×600 optimized websites, but I’m prepared wait a number of months first.

I find resolution to depend on 3 factors:

  1. Age – older people often like lower resolutions hence the text is bigger
  2. Experience – inexperienced users often like bigger resolutions as the screen looks less complicated
  3. Wealth – folks in poorer countries still are deprived of the technology to aid higher resolutions, unless they are required it for their particular job

I checked several stats on one among my web websites (fairly popular w/ 5000 bites per month).

About 1/3 with the users were employing 800×600 resolution. Target audience is middle aged-well to do males. Not specifcally laptop or computer savvy but many hits come from businesses.


So i was right, the majority perform use 1024 x 768 – at least in that test.

I haven’t found that low resolution for long periods.

It had been a common spec a very long time ago, but I’m beneath the impression fat loss even buy a new ‘Wall-Mart computer’ nowadays, without 1024 by 768 resolution.

Even the simplest of hardware frames today, are beeing sold using a cheap flat screen (LCD). On people, you can’t adjust the resolution (well you possibly can, but that’s gonna wreck the whole display). You possibly can, however, alter your font size. That does not mean a page in a very resolution higher than the ‘stone age’ classification would exceed the actual screen width. Only that the text would become wrapped.

Judging out of your initial definition, your target audience would be 1024 x 768 or more!
You aren’t a lower resolution could possibly be outside your own target group.

The old 400 by 600 party primarily exists within our imagination. It was that wholy Grale with webdesign (for quite a few years).
Those kinds with ‘religious truths’ have a tendency to stick for a time. However, it’s time to dismissed!
Even a minimum wage worker buying a computer these times, would have key problems finding whatever at that solution (unless he was prepared pay extra pertaining to he’s nostalgia).

You could potentially always claim that many people have previous computers. But when software develops, old computers can’t keep up to date. (remember the days if a 40 MB hardisk was above we ever wanted filling up in the lifetime).
While software moves frontward, most ‘old-computer-owners’ tends to take into consideration upgrades to their current hardware, every single child run the fresh improved applications. Nevertheless, since the hardware market is as pressured while it is, it difficulty that buying your complete new system costs less than changing processor/RAM in your old one.

Discomfort, that all brand new computers (last 4 years) has a resolution higher than 800 x. Even 5 season old standard CTR’s possess a higher standard res than that!

When you ignore third universe countries (using previous decommissioned hardware through the west), I dont think you can find any users available with that low a screen quality.
1280 times 800

The screen might allow you to handling higher resolutions but it does not mean the end user has it collection at that although I would say a programing community may well use higher.

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