Background scrolls in Firefox, not in IE

Hi there,

I’m using FrontPage 2000 to construct a website over a Windows XP technique.

I’ve set a graphic because background, and Truly selected " Watermark" in FP therefore , the background will stay static with the just text scrolling.

This works not surprisingly in IE 6, but in Firefox the actual background scrolls using the text.

What Html code is causing it is there a workaround

With thanks,
Erectile dysfunction

Let’s see the code, right

Solved this.

WE use FrontPage, and yes it uses a MSFT non-standard method of freezing the backdrop. When I employed a CSS-style history definition (below) every thing works fine.

background-image: url(images/CA_background2. jpg);
background-repeat: no-repeat; /*no-tiling background*/
background-attachment: unchanging;
margin-top: 0;
margin-left: 0;

Thanks in your reply and offer you of help!
Erectile dysfunction.

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