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Hey there everyone,

I have happen to be creating web sites for some years, but almost nothing huge. I am currently gonna college to attain an associates level in Visual Speaking. I look frontward to meeting everyone and learning approximately I can.

This is my question.

Whenever I update an online site, I also have to refresh my browser to check out the new content I uploaded. How do POST create code that may automatically refresh the page around the server side I want every single child upload a web-site, and not ought to tell the client they’ve to refresh to determine the new changes. I hope I am making sense.

Ones thoughts and ideas are most liked.


What language will you be using

In ASP you have available this at the top end of the page to support stop page caching:

< % ‘ Make sure the page just isn’t cached
Solution. Expires=60
Solution. Expiresabsolute=Now()-2
Solution. AddHeader " pragma", " no-cache"
Solution. AddHeader " cache-control", " private"
Solution. CacheControl=" no-cache"

Mr. C,

Regards for the rapid reply. My site is constructed with HTML and several PHP. Do you as well as anyone else know of an solution for the following environment



Why require node side language HTML are able to do this


< head>
META  HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma"  CONTENT="no-cache">
< /

http: //www. i18nguy. com/markup/metatags. html#pragma

Thanks bsfog!

I can give that any try!


You may also add the expires meta

< meta http-equiv=" Pragma" content=" no-cache" >
< meta http-equiv=" expires" content=" 0" >

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