Dreamweaver link not working !!

Hi again,
I appear to be experiencing problems trying to link to a folder from a webpage designed within dreamweaver.
I have copied and pasted the actual link \\999. 999. 999. 999\ftproot\myfolder into your web-browser and that prompts me for my user name and password in that case works fine… this opens up OK. However trying to generate a link on the webpage to this kind of address fails. It cannot discover the page. I checked this code and discovered it turned out inserting 5%C or maybe something similar the location where the \ characters were being. I then copied and pasted the proper link in and also tried again. Even though it was now pointing into the correctb location this still failed using the same error!! Why could it be doing this Is a common difficulty Does anyone know a workaround

All the best,

Nicely, I know why if you pasted the 999. 999. 999. 999
It looks like you should be trying to reveal a page all over an ftp interconnection. You need a web site server set approximately share web pages from the site. I wish that helps. Or else, please be more specific as part of your next reply.

Hi… thanks for ones reply. Yeah, i’m trying to create a FTP area from our website for a few users. When WE type \\999. 999. 999. 999\ftproot\myfolder within the address bar of your web browser I will be then faced using the windows username/password dialog box as soon as entered it platforms the folder along with all its contents but trying to link to this path coming from a webpage using DW this errors up.
Just about any ideas

OKAY, just for a ref for you guys if you happen to come across this problem yourself, I got it working. As opposed to the link best the FTP site in that current browser i’ve made it open a different browser session and yes it now works excellent. So instead of _self it can be _blank Not positive why it will not open a FTP site inside current session but it is a workaround.


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