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hi guys and girls.. uhm i have a lot of knowledge in web design.. and good application. My mates group of musicians have asked me to put together a site.. and also i agreed having open arms! one problem, i am completly lost to get ideas.. if anyone could possibly send me your template.. or some ideas it would most appreciated

Matt x

hi again..! not some sort of v. good responce.. if any associated with u have templates within your own.. that i can mess around along with, that would be great aswell!

gives thanks x

Try searching the online for other renowned bands that squeeze into your pal’s companies category of audio and use that for a stepping stone if you’d prefer. Try looking at what exactly is already there, then give thought to how you would do it differently, what you prefer and what it’s not necessary to and how you should replace that stuff you dislike. Also speak with the band people, see if they’ve got any specific concepts.

Hope this helps somewhat more,

The thing with regards to bands is some people feel that due to the style, or genre of the band, the site must be composed of dark, and only dark colours. What ‘s your friend’s band’s genre Will it be rock, or R’n’B for instance… As DanielOliver proposes, visit other bands that fit in the same type. An example of any band that a friend designed himself (he invalidated my expert help) to get his band reaches http: //www. fluorescentblack. tk. You would like to ensure that your website is usable and pleasing on the eye. I have no idea of of any templates which can be particularly suited for you to bands unfortunately.

hey thanks with the reply! uhm these are a punk are insane band..
i know this is higly not likely.. but would anyone be interested in helping me out for fun

Matt x

If you need any help then you certainly can give my home a shout possibly by PM or e-mail. I have got msn and TARGET. I could ensure that you get a little hand here and now there but cannot offer full comitment when I have lots of work to can.


hi, anyone else.. thought about need some help..: ( and i hear (and see) that each u guys tend to be great at layout! help me released please
when i made this video..

click here

gives thanks x

There is very much no graphic there in any respect

SORRY! drastically wrong link.. should work here

Appearance ok, what do you really need help with nevertheless

Hi i’m Donnie Conklin, im 16 Years of age and from Pittsburg kansas.. We’ve found asked severl people to assist us out with site ideas and so they have made many,, but none will be good,, we were wondering if any of you guys could create a logo for us and a standard template for your site thanks, Our bands name is definitely " Judgement 13" and also our basic internet site that sucks lol is usually http: //www. Judgement13. cjb. net sale please please you should help us out guys. Thanks, afterwards.

i could.. what sort of music thinking of.. emo/metal/punk etc..

erm, hit me at fry_in_hell_ukhotmail. com

Laters by

Hi man,, i sent you an e-mail,, dont know if you got it or perhaps not, but im intending you did so you can help us away,, cause we need the help lol,, afterwards,


P. VERTS. PLEASE IF ANYBODY ELSE CAN HELP OKAY KNOW donniethe-pitt. com, donnie_conklinhotmail. com or post here lol thanks


we just did a shcool group of musicians http: //www. vikingbands. com/

Why does it appear to be the dude that wants a site for his music group doesnt know much about web design and " great software" If he or she did know one thing he wouldnt end up being so desparate for help…: Ogre:

Just. &q

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