Complete newbie with a simple question!

Definitely All,

This can be my problem, I am a complete in addition to utter newbie towards wonderful world or website development and know close to nothing about the actual coding of web pages. To get trapped in I downloaded a totally free template, then just thought we would design my private.

Now I am very proficient together with Photoshop and designed an effective layout in PS in addition to sliced it in imageready and saved it with the html code. Opened said report in Dreamweaver MX and cannot work out how to the particular center the layout inside page when staying browsed, or include a text coating to sit above my bg graphic.

If anybody could help I would be extremely head over heels.

Thanks earlier.


You recreate the following CSS in in between the < head> < /head> component to your html record in Dreamweaver.

... < head>
< design type=" text/css" media=" screen" >
html page, body

margin: 0;
foam: 0;
text-align: facility;


margin: 0 auto;
text-align: left;

< /style>
< /head>...

Then you wrap all of your layout in a set of < div> < /div> tags much like the following and link it into the CSS you simply just wrote.

< body>
< div id=" centre" >


< /div>
< /body>...

In order so that you can start placing text within the images there are a few minor changes you may probably desire to make. In most cases I believe slicing still outputs < img> tags within table < td> < /td> cellular material.


< kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" >
< tr>
< td> < img src=" images/image_ready_slice_01. jpg" > < /td>
< td> < img src=" images/image_ready_slice_02. jpg" > < /td>
< td> < img src=" images/image_ready_slice_03. jpg" > < /td>
< /tr>
< /table>

for example...

That might need to be formatted to appear like the adhering to:

< kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" >
< tr>
< td background=" images/image_ready_slice_01. jpg" > Place text into the following cell. < /td>
< td background=" images/image_ready_slice_01. jpg" > & nbsp; < /td>
< td background=" images/image_ready_slice_03. jpg" > & nbsp; < /td>
< /tr>
< /table>

It’s less of a challenge to rebuild your own table from scratch than trying to fix the html made by ImageReady.

Are you familiar with CSS

In the event yes… take it with a higher level compared to Trico’s explanation and rebuild your complete layout in CSS.

In the event no… when you finally choose an image inside Dreamweaver, that photograph, in its mobile, comes up within the properties window. Invest the the source photo file and ensure it is your td background (all of this is often done without design sheets), this will work as well. The condition is, it will repeat. So, then you definately either have to create a style published and declare some sort of no-repeat, OR, you should make your desk completely static regardless of what any one else’s decision is.

Another thing you will quickly learn in the field of website development… Style Sheets are you friend!

In all honesty I know almost nothing about just about any of it, as we have said i get only recently started getting into it, as within the last few nights.

We have started looking with making the dining room table myself, and just adding the sliced images minus the code and it appears to be working, but I could still you a number of pointers on CSS and where to start. i know they can control text settings but not sure about the format with regards to page layouts.

Thanks for any help folks

It is just a hearty read, but a good place to begin. CSS Thread

Or in order to click there, that tutorials link is definitely right below that site-wide announcements.

Thanks considerably guys this products is helping considerably, just some little questions.

With css what would I utilize 2 centre 12 gifs that make up an image into your centre of the page no matter the resolution or perhaps screen size

Plus i used to be just wondering in relation to image transitions with regard to mouse over situations and links

And finally, i think it is probably dhtml and also something, but when the page/link is clicked with my splash page i would like to slide any link bar down the page by about 700 pixels or and so. Any tips with this

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/sprites/

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/rollovers/

http: //www. projectseven. com/tutorials/css/pseudoclasses/

Many thanks again Trico,

After looking whatsoever that stuff I got to work over a layout and invented this http: //www. deviantart. com/view/12936936/

And now I have much more questions, if you don’t mind or any one else reading this specific.

ONE PARTICULAR: I want to create the " With regards to Me: Lorem ipsum…. " panel the only scrollable part in the screen. I want the remaining layout to be complete static, having only normally the one section that alterations.

A COUPLE OF: The font i always want to use is known as " Parchment", will there be anyway that this script shall be seen by other users if they don’t actuall develop the font. If they can’t view the font will there be anyway to upload the font to ensure others can see it.

Many thanks again

For any About Me aspect, there are one or two options (and possibly extremely than what I’m going to mention). First, you can make a < div> obstruct and set this overflow to scroll or maybe auto. In that way if the content of the div goes past the given height, scrolling will occur.

Another option is definitely iframe, but enter into your esophagus shunned. I’d suggest not using it, and perhaps POST shouldn’t even discuss it. Oh nicely.

Spend money on the font, you will find there’s way to embed it I believe, but it

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