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Well let me start with Now i am a noob to website design, I’m sorry if this is posted and sent a reply to before however I’m really ensnared and I’ve tried to look for the forums, web, etc. to find through. I have recently design a web site using frontpage 2002 (first oversight I’m finding out) pertaining to educators, my overall mistake was which i had my res set on my own laptop to 1600×1200 next time i created it. 3 months subsequently (a week ago) I published your website. Well now I find that people should either change there resolution to see the site or scroll everywhere we look to see all. my site includes over 25 websites and over 400 hyper-links to sorts, documents, calendars, and so on. I need to be able to change the decision, I was specialist 800×600. I also been reading here as well as else where with regards to creating water pages, tables along with or frames using percentage limits for example., but no-one includes really state how to change a preexisting websites resolution. Is this possible Thought about don’t have some sort of clue and I don’t want to have to redo the item. Any help can be greatly appreciated – Thanks a noob: lifeless:: tired:

It would easier to aid if we may have a link to the existing site. Changing something similar to that works using a case-by-case basis.

I’m sorry I meant to be able to and forgot, heres the particular url: http: //www. sewanhaka. k12. the big apple. us

The homepage masses fine in FF which have no horizontal scrollbars and I’m using a lower resolution as compared with 1600×1200.

Did you only make a section of the site that I’m not experiencing or something

Revise: FYI, after browsing multiple page, that huge header graphic gets annoying very fast.

Yah I know about the photo, thats what some people wanted, but to reply your question I became told IE arranged for 800×600 solely shows about 3/4 with the page, IE set for you to 1024×768 about ONLY TWO inches was there are various page. I likewise use FF, and also my resolution by no means goes below 1024×768, carry out to heavy UT2K4 and CS Source lover when I’m possibly not working (lol).

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