What dictates….

….. how an FTP site looks on a users machine.
For instance the Dell ftp site on Netscape with my Win XP machines seems like pic 1, although on Internet explorer that looks nice. That said on one of many users Mac products on Internet explorer in addition , it looks like picture 1. I have likewise opened some ftp sites on Internet explorer and yes it looks like photo 1. So what dictates how a FTP site looks and just how do this be tailored

An FTP is merely a directory listing, the appearance is dictated through the client you’re utilizing. You’ll notice that will ALL FTP sites look identical in a unique client.

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is it possible to please tell me what you necessarily mean by client. Does one mean the web browser used to show the FTP folder articles

Yes, client would have been a program or visitor… anything that might access FTP. Where I know you cannot change the look on the specific FTP, you are able to just set filters against your client’s side, next to nothing server side.

The way strange. The FTP site seems like the contents of your Windows folder about my PC/Internet explorer with my PC although on my function colleagues Mac implementing Internet Explorer it displays because blue hypertext appear, not allowing any kind of drag and decrease features. So how would one attempt changing the filters at netscape or Interrnet explorer to generate it look such as the classic windows folder look
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People can’t. An FTP is merely a directory listing. Your FTP client gets an index of folders from this FTP Server, and the decides how to display the info. The FTP machine can’t send, and the FTP client can not recieve any specifics of how to display the internet. The only information transmitted will be the names of that folders and documents. The FTP customer will display this review as it’s been programmed to.

IE for mac is different then IE for PC. They share identical name but include completly different product engins..

IE for pc may be written with special featuers allowing things like drag and drop when powering an ftp equipment. So like spluff mentioned, special featuers prefer that are up for the client or program/application you are using to obtain the ftp device. You cannot transform how it appearance. However you could produce a website that will allow ftp functionality. And that would assist you to design it however you choose it. There are also some freeware webbased ones which may achieve the effect you might be after. If you have php installed with your server net2ftp will probably be worth looking at.

OKAY. Shame. I has been hoping that whichever browser you perspective the FTP site/folder articles, could be tweaked to own it display how we wish. How disapointing. Still thanks with the input and the particular link, unfortunatly I dont have got PHP installed for the Webserver (Windows THE YEAR 2003 server).

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