Collecting customers information

Hi there everybody,

We would like to design an internet site . with forms to collect information of several customers. This is a sort of listing: Name, Address, Cellular phone, Fax, Website, E-Mail, City, Country….. thay can upload pictures, documents and videos.

This customers can redesign that information at any time.

And so, my question will be: How Do We would like a database

After collecting that information We would like to publish a few of that in exactly the same website.

That may be all.

With thanks for comments, strategies…..


Yes, a database would certainly help.


You’ll be looking for some sort of PHP/MySQL (database) script that
is like " user membership" or perhaps " profile script", such as that.
A free existing script that you may install and convert that will
let people register and build a profile. The info is then
stored within a MySQL database.

An individual didn’t mention everything about your encounter with PHP or
HTML/CSS or anything else. and if you have an existing website including a webhost

http: //www. hotscripts. com/search/php/user membership

In case you are thinking of making a dating service, you’ll be able to buy a complete
issue already done to get $12. 00

http: //www. scriptsez. net/index. phpaction=details& cat=Match Making& id=1197256361

If I was looking for the script you’re looking for, I would pay for that script pertaining to $12 and then
modify it… so I might use only the parts We need. It doesn’t have to be for " dating"… but the
scripting you will need is already performed.


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