Selecting details from a pull down option.

We are currently converting an internet site from Frames/Tables in order to CSS and changing the design together. I have went about getting past most regarding my problems up to now by using guides & searching the Web but I now need an amount of specific guidance.

The website is for the local Lads & Girls Clubs and I want to do a page where I have a list of all the clubs from a pull down select button in the top/left of that page (which We have already managed in order to create) and, any time selecting the membership name, details with the club appear on the right of that page, address/opening instances etc. The page could default to details with the actual Clubs Federation as an alternative to a specific golf club.

Does anybody know of the free PHP or perhaps Javascript which could allow this, maybe gathering the internet from a MySQL database I’d personally prefer not to generate an individual page for each club and contain the select option point into the HTML.

As being the Clubs Federation is a charity I am struggle to pay to have a script written particularly.

Apologies that the post is somewhat long, or the subject lacking in depth, but I wasn’t sure the right way to explain my prerequisites in less living space.

Thanks before hand for any help.


I’m thinking this can be a Javascripting issue (onclick)

this really is done with php certainly. put an iframe inside the place you need the info to indicate, i would try a blank in your iframe for primary page load so the space isnt bare then set the action of the form to a similar page you tend to be on and add target= towards form perameters.

php & iframe

Thanks Dorky.

I was hoping there was a script written that would do what I want but your answer definitely points me within the right direction. i’m sure I should be able to find a form script which i can use inside an iframe like you suggest.

We’ve no knowledge by using writing php, presently, but I’m looking to expand my skills a reasonable amount by learning CSS, PHP & MySQL.: rambo: I’m certainly using Google to the full presently.: ichatwink:


If you need to try the < iframe> technique, you don’t must use PHP or perhaps Javascripting.

Make a few separate uncomplicated HTML pages, which stands out as the content of this < iframe>.
Simply by as:
< html>
< body>
This is the default paragraph to be in the frame
< /body>
< /html>

Spend less it as " default. html", then create a handful of others and name them alternative activities.

For instance, " club1. html"…
< html>
< body>
Golf club 1< br>
Handle blah blah < br>
Instances blah blah< br>
< /body>
< /html>

Fit an < iframe> with your page where you need it to appear and put the
" default" URL in for the default page… like this….

< iframe name=’frame1′ src=’default. html’ frameborder=’0′ scrolling=’no’ style=’width: 300px; peak: 400px; margin-left: 10px; ‘ /> < /iframe>

Now, every link can target the < iframe> and display the needed. html file
with the < iframe>… like that…

< your href=" club1. html" target=" frame1" > click for Club ONE PARTICULAR info < /a>

personally i think you man ive been on the php for a sec now. harder then css without a doubt but well significant.

along with yeah ml can be spot on, i don’t know what lead me to the overkill solution.


An additional addition to this… to stick inside the back of your own mind….

A PHP project for you personally…
Make use of TinyMCE or some other online editor allowing your Club owners
to update their HTML page… illustration " club1. html". They are able to update it
online with your website and this changes would glimpse automatic within < iframe>.

A project to undertake after you tumble working… would give control towards your clients.

Thanks for that suggestions. I’ll probably complement the iframe & web coding option, at least to start with, as it would be the easiest way to get it set launched and established. Gives me a bit longer so that grips with CSS as well before stretching out and about further.: ichatwink:

I also just like the suggestion for the other project which should be a useful addition on the site from now on.

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