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We are a forty-something degree educated professional engineer, who after TWENTY FIVE years in engineering is looking to change direction. Relating to been a end user and customer connected with web solutions, and have been developing my own ring websites for a little bit now. I are comfortable with HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, SQL Equipment, and MySQL although in no way an expert.

We are thinking of switching direction into website design. Although this can be a crowded market, I do believe I have something to consider, and although to begin with my skills require sharpening up, We can bring 15 many years experience of offering and marketing consultancy remedies, managing projects, and managing clients that are transferable skills.

Is that this achievable, or am I starting from so far instruction online the field we might as well shelve the thought now

I think you do have a good shot at achieving success in this discipline. After all, everyone can learn this technical part, its the real-world experiance this everybody lacks, therefore you have that. Web site design is still in its early levels and who knows what the near future holds for affiliates who invest inside it today. After you could have about 5 or maybe so sites driving you, you should end up being fairly comfortiable with the markup/scripting languages (or at the very least where you found answers) that you may do most any site you could possibly come across. In order that is almost a non issue.

Although it seems that market trends seems saturated by using everybody and their own grandmother making websites, very very few of them take them seriously enough to stay with it long term, so there’s a very high switch over rate. In my experiance many people start doing it because they think it is cheap and easy and maybe they are looking to make much money fast, so when they find out and about its not the situation, they give way up. And somebody else the same as them fills its place. The difference between them also , you is you know what must be done to build purchaser relations and take care of a project. But like anything else you need to work at that.

I usually suggest that men do not type in this field. While you stated, it can be saturated. Maybe you can find a niche establishing web solutions regarding your industry, engineering. If not, you will likely be taking a big income cut. In addition, although you have years of experience, it is just not in web design, but in executive. If you’re looking for a job, you may be competing with people that have been working in this industry.

Similar could be said if i were to out of the blue switch professions to be able to culinary arts.. This is a pretty saturated profession and difficult for making a name for yourself, but dedicated people continute to make it happen.. The difference though is definitely few people consider this field severely, and although it appears saturated, true professional developers/designers are not common. And if the younger, media fed, computer/internet savvy technology of buisness owners who determine what a website is, and can rapidly seperate good versions from bad people, slowly start for being the majority. That will be when the internet will finally get its chance to mature into a(hopefully) qualified field.

Even so, I do agree though you will probably be going for a big pay reduce, at least until you have many good good clients. And that it will most likely be best to specialize rather than becomming a jack-of-all-trades ‘webmaster’.

Since glyakk said, the solution to this question really varies according to whether you’re really focused on it. If you’re prepared to struggle and giving up (usually money inside beginning) then do it now. The fact that you will be comfortable in 2 programming languages can certainly only work as part of your favour as good; it’s very difficult to discover anyone who even knows one, in no way mind two.

So I say do it now if you’re severe.

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