What are my options?

Sorry to the extremely vague and noobish post, but where must begin

I have a couple of sites i wish to streamline. basically seperate my personal data from the structure, and my personal structure from the design. At first we were certain that the perfect marriage would provide html + css + xml. How wrong we were! Said streamlining could involved using HTML to view a basic xml file for those of my website’s data (news, updates, so forth). Little did i know at that time, mozilla does not really support data islands, and thusly the idea was taken all to heck (as 50% and up of my viewing audience will be mozilla/netscape users). Really the only solutions i have realized have involved javascript hacks and extremely sophisticated XSL processors that appear to nullify the first intention of always keeping my sites straightforward to update. I just want to update a text(or whatever) record, then upload them to my site. This is a tremendously simple sounding trouble, and coming at a programming world, i can’t comprehend why it isnt simpler to accomplish.

Therefore, before i draw what little hair relating to left out, i found yourself in you, readers with WDF. I want to know- the definition of my options how does someone achieve my goals within a cross-browser, multi-platform, as well as (preferrably) simple technique

I am going to readily admit that i am no web design guru. I do not profess to be even an online design novice. everything i know we’ve learned during the past week or consequently, and at this time i’m a small overwhelmed. I own learned alot, yet i keep wondering myself " how much more of the crap will i must absorb before i could do this simple thing i would like to do"

I’ve spent the complete week learning coloring theory, CSS, as well as XML. what do when i do now do i should try to learn XSL ASP PHP what acronym will subdue our agony, i got to know!: Ogre:

in addition, for those wondering- the positioning in question is here:
http: //www. forced-evolution. com/coh/

thanks ahead of time (as always) for virtually every and all response.

What game is that for CoH to my advice is City involving Heroes

Anyway, I’d just collection it up together with PHP / mySQL, as once it’s set up, it’s very uncomplicated to update.

coh is a competetive wolfenstein: opposing players territory clan of which i’m in. it’s actually a fun, free game according to the RTCW/Quake THREE OR MORE engine. and yep, those city involving heros bastards exhausted me to coh. com.

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