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Hello guys, I must have my left column regarding my site being updated all the time, so instead of getting to redo every single page of our site, I thought i would add a style, but I forgot how " bad" eyeglass frames are, so You want to add a new div, can somebody give me the code please

Bless you.

isnt it just a div align left " whatever pixels".

I dont know, thats exactly why Im asking. Ive been doing a full time encoding job so website design knowledge continues to be pushed out regarding my head subsequently.

I:: feel:: " align left" will affect the text inside the box NOT the exact positioning of this box, but Im just learning CSS intended for layouts. Instead you would want to position: left=0 pixels. < might be wrong>

Additionally, the rest with the layout will most likely be affected by the area on the quit, so those houses will also must be affected.

Quick: you could try a table and place a div with the left part into the cell (to steer clear of converting the rest of the layout).

It are often helpful to see what it really is you are working away at.

frames are not " bad" they’ve got their use…

anyhow… to have the scrolling div it is simply

< div style=" overflow: scroll; width: 200px; length: 200px; " >... < /div> 

more in overflow


I think you also may want to look into SSI or perhaps PHP includes.. They are invaluable when you have a site that updates often.. Divs don’t truly do anything for yourself.. They are only to hold info.. Being a td.. I’m sure you can find some great info inside the PHP section these forums nevertheless learn about PHP consists of..

PHP includes are awesome.

< div>
< php contain ($con); >
< /div>

If anyone put that computer code in index. php and you want menu. php, then try this:
http: //www. mysite. com/index. phpcon=menu. php

Or you may just do this particular:

< div>
< php contain (" menu. php" ); >
< /div>

Also, in order for you the include to become required (it will generate one if it will not point to something. this will prevent people from doing anything you do not want them to), try this:


require  ($con);

Don’t do the very first 1 he explained.. People could most likely hack you this way.. The include(" filename" ) way may be the safest, as far as I am aware.. I thinnk squeaky desires to hack you! < awkward eyes>


nah. I like the way I undertake it (I use them for my site) since it’s usable with links. Security isn’t really a dilemma, since you is able to see the hierarchy which includes a site not utilizing it anyway. The variable just make it dynamic.

http: //s95291230. onlinehome. us/msp3/index. phpcon=http: //www. chaosconcepts. net

Now imagine what you can actually do with your clever Javascript

lol, yes, that’s clever. a fairly easy php will work though. Just a listing of usable links, then a switch of if or not to show them. (i’m more knowledgable toward javascript, so just point out if I do something wrong)


switch  ($p)

case  "site1. php":
$c  $p;
"site2. php":
$c  $p;
$c  "hackeralert. php";

include  ($c);

Then you just index. phpp=site1. php for this.


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