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I would like to renovate my own site and recreate it from scuff, I’ve been arranging some ideas plus I’ve figured out most of the stuff, but after researching several of my ideas more thuroughly I realized who’s can only become done via repository scripting PHP and MySQL I do think which I recognize nothing about.

What I want to do is allow the actual staff members with my site to log proper user account where they can distribute images/pictures, post inside a blog, add inbound links, etc. Kinda like what they’ve at 1up. com for many members of the positioning. Here is an example: its my report never touched while http: //zaccheus16. 1up. com/
I would like to allow my staffers a select group connected with people to sign in, and have having access to a wide choice of customizable content that way.

Since I understand nothing about how to achieve this I would similar to any info I will get whether them be references in order to web design/web legitimate books, tutorial sites, etc. I’m not getting a play-by-play on the right way to do it, I should just know what resources We can get to accomplish this. Just a nudge inside the right direction.

Thanks before hand

I would certainly start here:
http: //www. amazon. com/gp/product/0672317842/104-4142926-8091931v=glance& n=283155

In the event that, after looking in this book you decide you intend to continue, you will then develop the knowledge to as a minimum find and install a preexisting PHP script that does what you look for. Although you could code an entire thing yourself, I’m guessing you will find already pre-existing scripts you possibly can buy.

The book is excellent for beginners that are just looking to understand how PHP and also MySQL go mutually… I highly recommend the book.


I can look into this. thanks for the particular response.

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