Design Concept

Simply whipped this up while We were waiting for evening meal, any ideas by you guys to get improvements etc – what you enjoy and what it’s not necessary to.

Thanks ahead of time: -D

Start to line up elements relative to one another, keep everything tight from the grid. The included image shows the way things are miss-aligned, the pink traces should merge together to create one single tier.

There is no reason for your copyright notice that they are so big and emphasized.

To ensure the colours/layout being balanced try plus aim at which include green: red at 1: 1… possibly changing some of type at the most notable from white in order to red would realize this.

What’s the significance of the actual header photo Attempt making something with a purpose, you seem to be stuck making commonly used templates.

It’s actually a good start but personally, a little also green. It’s dominating the page an excessive amount of. And I believe trico on the actual alignment issues. It looks a bit untidy and shaken like that. I would carry everything inline.

Another thing, the font from the header. I’m possibly not 100% on it.

Not really a bad start even though. It’s something it is possible to work on plus develope.

This is a revised design, I’ve added much more red balance despite the fact that I’m not totally sure on a number of the shades I’ve additionally aligned everything significantly better, it does yes it a far more uniform look (thanks to get that).

MY SPOUSE AND I also changed that header font by Helvetica Neue to help Eurostile, I think the geometric/curved type suits the site

With respect to the image, it’s kind of your placeholder for the flash feature thingy which i plan to do, it’s not just going to become blank image like this

Almost all ideas and assess are greatly treasured as usual: -D

(Thanks to Serta and Trico to your help already )

of course, much better.

The idea significantly looks better aligned.

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