what should I label this as in my navigation?

What is a best term to collectivly define: information columns, movie opinions, tutorials on many things, and all that sort of text-y stuff

I took a new screenshot of our navigation and attached it to the post.

After clicking on a link, it would create for you to a page with a header, a short description in the category, and then an index of subcategories bulleted (similair into the screenshot). I are convinced the navigation is incredibly clear except pertaining to ‘articles’.

If someone was visiting coursesmart taking time at it I do think they would be able to find what they where trying to find very easily, but I’m focused on the visitor that is looking for one thing very specific but will leave if it doesn’t appear to be there right out.

gives thanks

Writing or Work would be the only ones I’ll think of.

err, those might operate.

I dreamed about calling it " The particular Vault" but I didn’t would like to since that is what many sites do every time they have alot of different types of content to brand.

" Library" may well work, but which infers something diverse than I offer you. When I visualize Library I think about alot of novels and reference peices. But it is usually unique, which will my site slightly different versus the hundreds of alternative site which do a similar thing.

btw, I saw the link in your signature and I used to be exited to discover it (since I remember when you where first defining it as a while back) however it’s coming soon,

Library’s great, although it sounds a little like a own creative writing portion, although maybe that is certainly what you’re wanting for

Hehe, how far ago was which I’ve redesigned I believe last March, and from now on I’m doing it again. I can’t apparently keep a design for longer than a few months…

Although hey, I may well post in How’s Our Site when it truly is up, else I’ll PM.

I became thinking ‘archive’, but that’s obviously used on the internet for different reasons. It would in shape though.

Organize or Library, they both are fitting

yes, I guess the two Library and Repository would work. Does anyone think one provides improvement over the other I do think " archives" looks better for the screen typed in on my article.

tekp: I do think it was brown and black, and also it’s main aspect was your website. It was normally the one in jan. or feb. of 2007, we both joined at around the same time frame and we posted within the hows my web page at around once too.

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