down and up scroll button, not scrollbars

Howdy, I’ve been researching everywhere I are unable to find anything.

We have a cell, td cell I would like to scroll but not which has a scrollbar.
I want something like a good iphone has.

a button within and above all the cell.
Instead of a bar towards right.

So to feed your own imagionation.
something like
——- v——- < –down arrow in the box image

undernethe everything in the cell.

Undecided how to undertake it, but this thread could help you: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/web_design_discussion_120/iframe_scrollbox_31523. html

I’m undecided, but doing this in the td cell is probably not the best thing. Flash would probably be a good solution but there’s probably a way with Javascript or perhaps Php.

Fundamentally, an onMouseOver event in addition to a function this updates the scrollY in the relevant element and a setTimeout call to create the increment occur at regular period intervals, as well for onMouseOut event which cancels the timeout, should manage it.

Darkness care to demonstrate
POST havn’t taken my Javascript class nonetheless.

Mind typing it up for me
idiot proof style

I’m guessing I’ll desire to make my own photographs.
So just say " pic1. jpg" with regard to image of up arrow.

Eh… This one’s a little complicated. I will help you, but you’ll want to learn some Javascript very first. A solution is useless if you cannot learn from the idea

At any rate, more or a reduced amount of, you can grab jQuery and then do something like this:

jQuery(document). load(function()

var scrollComponent = function()

jQuery(" #myScrollComponent" ). each(function() this specific. scrollTop += 30 );

var timer;
jQuery(" #myScrollImage" ). over(function()

timer = setInterval(scrollImage, 500);
). out(function()


When that document loads, this will likely set up any scrollComponent function which, when called, will increment that scroll position in the component by 20. Then, it sets that function around get called just about every 500 milliseconds (half second) once the mouse is in the scroll image.

I am not completely espresso illiterate.
I’ll understand the sintax a little,
I am familular with logic and design, and still have worked with cprogramming/ & terms.

Many thanks.
So the functions, how would I try adding this logic towards content itself

So in other words I’ll have

< td>
< img id=" something" src=" uparrow. jpg" >
< cover id=" something" > Content I would like to roll with that mouse. < /span>
< img id=" something" src=" downarrow. jpg" >
< /td>


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