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I are not aware of if the right forum for this question, but the following goes:

I’ll align a layer a lot of pixels from the superior and left with the browser window (and likewise align it in order to another layer), but how do i align a layer a lot of pixels from the superior and left of the table (in different words, if I center the table within the page, the layer moves for it in stead of staying in its orignal location)

Hope this can be clear – thanks for your help!

I guess you can add

position: comparable; 

To the CSS for any layer, and then upload the layer rules inside those for your table, like and so:

< table>
< tr>
< td>
< div>
< /div>
< /td>
< /tr>
< /table> 

Not examined, if this isn’t what you recommended please clarify.

This has to do with a problem inherit along with how dreamweaver produces ‘layers’.

For a smaller tutorial I wrote recently that should reply your question appear here..

Let me know if you want me to express things better..

many thanks, I will look at these out…

Yes, the CSS you works. Gylakk explained about that (and thanks still stays in him). Just put:

Towards table. That should work – or rather, it does to me.

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