Clarity of Transparent Gif Image in Photoshop

I’m attempting to save an impression in Photoshop as being a gif with transparency. The image contains text on a transparent background to ensure that it will overlie a new semi-opaque white image which experts claim overlies rotating photographs underneath.
My problem could be that the letters on this image become " shaky" while viewed in ie6 — it’s better however not perfect inside firefox. To make an effort to correct this, I’ve created the words to be twice the size and style I need and reduced it straight down (not ideal but this does create a decentish picture in firefox and not IE).
In Photoshop I’ve used this settings:
lossy = 0
dither 100%
matte none
The image may be the words " Bathrooms designed and installed to somewhat of a high standard etc" in http: //www. taylormadebathrooms. co. uk/
Has anyone else encountered such a problem

That you’re scaling the photograph to 50% its original size. Try turning it into 330px high within the original, and anti-alias to somewhat of a background color with #aaaaaa.

Good luck!

Many thanks for your help.

and the white across the image as a result of your matte – might want to change it to suit the background a bit better.

To get tried doing it is as a slighty opaque div over your bathroom slide show as an alternative to a gif impression

Apply this css settings towards the area holding this text

something maybe similar to this:

< div style=" job: relative; left: 10px; best: 0px; width: 250px; length: 350px; background-color: #FFF; shade: #0000CC; filter: alpha(opacity=80); -moz-opacity: 0. 8; -khtml-opacity: 0. 8; opacity: 0. 8; " >

Your current html text

< /div>

It will also make a person’s text slightly opaque, but you can adjust the amount (100 or YOU. 0 is whole – 0. 0 or 0 will be invisible) here to uncover a good agreement – and as a minimum your text could look ok..

You can actually also try developing a png file – that would look better, but then you may have to add some css to guarantee IE 6. 0 isn’t going to screw it way up!

http: //www. howtocreate. co. uk/alpha. html – it isn’t really a bad content on that if you do not already know how to handle png’s and IE SIX. 0 – if you ever Google IE SIX. 0 png, you’ll see there’s a good amount of advice on the subject!

Hope that helps.

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