Is this some kinka joke??

www. ps. com

I happen to randomly find this " web design company". Are they will actally serious

Seems someone that is around 15 years too late for your " Hey look what I learned to do" web designers.

As fun as these reviews/bashing times are(I have ingested part in several of them in the past) who owns the site wouldn’t request his site that they are posted here plus made a mockery involving.

If that provider is truly marketing website creation products then he/she obviously does something right.. you decide I just dont experience its approperiate in order to post links to sites for any soul pourpose with making fun analysts.

They’re doing something right once they own a 3 letter. COM website name!

PS: your name PS. COM is probably VERY VALUABLE. Once they weren’t a profitable company, they may easily sell it.

It does work that they could be doing something proper, or they have an excess of cash to know what to do with it… you decide… I’m envious..

I dont imagine the bank parting with the actual name anytime rapidly. It has also been registered since 1993 and incorporates a current date in order to expire in 2011.

That is a long time!: deceased:

I consider the PS can be short for ‘Pretty Slick’…

And very first thing tomorrow, I’m planning to ask them to style my next site.

Sara your Fibber


Surprisingly, people like this sometimes have a fair amount connected with work. One of my lecturers at University who done my Website page Creation course really does the occasional website for clients. Nothing special at all when you see great XHTML/CSS web pages that were created on that forum, but he obtains paid well for this. I’m not sure what amount he was compensated, but it went into the thousands. Seriously there’s no doubt that some people just want a web site so badly they’ll select anyone who could make one.

I have been previously talking with a number of people about web style and design marketing… you know just about half of people usually don’t actually check your website page or past sites

You’ve got to comprehend clients are stupid when it comes to web design. It’s like hiring a gardener.. would you look for references

Err… yes, actually.

You no longer get to chaos with my aspidistras unless I you possess green fingers, our man.: devious:

Also nowadays an entire industry has changed from what the majority of consider a " Programmer" to be. It’s no longer organization where you’d shell out countless time within a cubical or at home writing pages, and not seeing daylight again. It’s a job where to have great internet marketing skills. Just by investigating a site including SitePoint, it’s obvious that if you do not know your target market, or are unaware of how you can market your enterprise, then you’ll flunk, even if you are an amazing World wide web Developer. Maybe this guy may be the next Bill Gates

I’m not ripping during this site by almost any means, but do you think when it states that copyright 1991-2004 there’s a fantastic possibility that very design will be the same one which was up forever

Nope. The Internet Store Way Back Machine shows novice updated a great deal.

Hey that’s a cool link. I found my own first site I did back at the conclusion of 97!

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