Ediable textarea

I cannot learn how to make a textarea editable such as one I’m typing this message towards. There’s a Ms Word-style toolbar where I can edit this text – help it become bold, italic, make links, etc. How to get one of those toolbars

Every help is drastically appreciated!


This is one of them:
http: //www. fckeditor. net/demo

Zero cost to download (open source).

Bless you! This one looks great! This should satisfy my needs.
Do you know of any that are a little a smaller amount complex

Thats precisely what I ‘ve employed:
http: //www. openwebware. com/

Remember that FCKEditor and different such editors typically enable you to reduce the quantity of options in their menu to ensure that what the person actually sees may be a much more limited subset with the full functionality the editor is competent at providing.

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