AOL Browser problem

OK I’ve a rather compact problem that as a result of my client has risen into a larger one! The website I created succeeds fine on all browsers except at AOL. Here’s the problem. When I develop a site POST use 1 TIMES 1 pixel see-thorugh gifs as " spacers" to do the tables on the website just so there exists a graphic there to take up the empty spaces.
When my buyer tries viewing the website on the AOL web browser the spacers show up as missing images and they also stay that approach until he important " refresh". Only then complete the spacers look. One thing I tried to acquire it working is usually preloading the spacer image. That didn’t can anything. Is there a way to fix this The key reason why does this only happen around the AOL browser Just about any help would greatly be appreciated!

-= greendog =-

AOL visitor SUCKS. Flat available. Tell them to work with AOL connection in conjunction with a real internet browser.

I recognize…. tellme about that.

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