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i will be setting up a further websie where people can comment on political posts. i would prefer to have a smaller form below the article that should just say:

E mail:
Liberal/Conservative r / c button

i’d like it to be emailed to my advice, since i want to review the reviews before posting these people, rather than setting up a blog. can anyone guide me out with ideal probably a mailto script, but i’m undecided how to fit one together just.

Here will be some resources with regard to an ASP motivated form (not. net)… Expect it helps, I just received the many help from ACW! ASP POWERED FORMS… HELP! (click)


that does look good, however i have opposite problem you’ve. i can’t use ASP as a consequence of my host, but i’ll use php: disappointed:

everthing else i could check out

I have read this thread and kind of understand how to go about it inside PHP now… and lastly when you find $body and $subject these is the names of the particular name= tags within your form fields… Expect it helps in the event that any.

-Nathaniel (here is a link) CLICK THESE

You don’t want them provided for you, you’ll want some type of queue where if approved, they’re visible to public. If not, they are hidden.

Yes… what wired stated… I have NO expertise from the field. =) Nonetheless I try!

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