Bloggy annoying problem with my Blog…

I’m working with a few problems together with my blog. We have checked the Web site documentation and Googled with regard to possible causes anwsers but never find any.

If you take a glance in an effort to the first posting looks normal though the post below it really is missing the time frame, and is bolded like all the other posts. Every post should appear to be the first post, but they never. If i remove duplicate content the newest submit then everything goes back to normal, but then if I add an innovative post everything gets reformated again. This specific has happend in advance of but fixed alone. Now it’s going on again and I can’t remedy it because I don’t know what’s causing the matter so I can’t remedy it.

Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to help them and/or know how to fix it This can be _REALLY_ annoying…

Many thanks

Heres a screenshot of one’s blog using firefox. Are you using CSS to position the objects to the page Some headers will be overlapping…

Yeah thanks I understand about that but dont value it atm coz them doesnt work in IE (which is definitely what most ppl use) and also Opera. Any just how that doesnt fix my problem…

Has NOBODY ever had this problem

You’re obtaining a blog feed out of blogger’s site, correct If so, it may be a challenge on their ending. Have you checked how their web site displays it

you mean any blog feed such as having blogger issue it to our FTP.

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