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If time is usually an issue with web site design, whats the best approach to start and also complete a project after getting your resources plus background information available to use. Should a solo designer start taking the front end (creating the look of the website) or even should that person first deal with making several layout templates that may work with any kind of design that the individual dreams up

In addition, suppose that you need to do the front end first however , you find it progressively more difficult to translate the IT design in to a workable HTML formatting. What are some ways of work around that problem For those who have a superb expertise in table design CSS

Speaking from particular experience I once spent a lot of time researching the " look" of a website without watching how it would format on the net. And since you merely have so very much freedom with HTML CODE, I was dissapointed this my vision didn’t look similar once it seemed to be coded. In fact it looked uglier.

Entrance end: Creating the visual design and images that continue a website, by simply editing images around Photoshop, preparing them to the web in Imageready. Sometimes designing leading end of a site could be simple.. it depends about the client. Lawyers, physicians, chiropractors are easy all around health don’t require a lot of creative images and graphics to have their message over. But now.. Relating to stepped over to the creative side, and my client is a spoken word poetry group. Since their talents range in art work and music I must design a webpage that reflects their particular vision. This is the place that the front end gets complex therefore there’s a possibility which the coding might get complex in the process.

Again end: HTML rule. Tables with rowspan plus colspan, nested tables, maybe some CSS script, Javascript to the menus. But primarily the issue is in re-arranging platforms or adding or taking out tables in order to make a style and design seamless. I’ve been to a lot of non-Flash websites the location where the user might have a series of shots and graphics and make it interactive because the way they tidy their code.

I am hoping this helps people out if they read my preceding post.

If you style and design the backend using tables in this manner then you are going to have problems. If you build the site with good using CSS and get rid of the tables then we will see no problem in starting the theory from the back-end. Personally this is what I do – develop a plain site constructed around semantically correct XHTML after which it style it applying CSS.

Specifically, check out " Internet Standards Solutions" by Dan Cederholm — it’ll change your view from the internet.

In my employment I code web pages from photoshop templates manufactured by designers with little/no CODE experience, and it’s expected that the particular templates look identical (with one or two minor tolerances) while coded. So, it’s very possible to make a site look identical to somewhat of a photoshop template. It may take a moment, but it’s worth it.

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