Expert advice on my 1st design project

Hi there, all! Thank you for viewing my own post.

I’ve been designing web pages for any little over ONLY TWO years now, mainly developing websites (between 3 to 5 pages) for family/friends and also creating auction templates for eBay powersellers applying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I use Illustrator and ImageReady to produce graphics.

About monthly ago, I began looking for my web design/development services to small businesses and private agencies, and yesterday, I received a mobile phone call from my first potential client this wants me to create a 15 to SOMETHING LIKE 20 page website for a web based vacation company. The problem is that Truly never developed the 15 to TWENTY page website in my entire life, but I understand that devoting alot with my time as well as work, I is capable of doing it. We (my purchaser and I) have not yet discussed any more knowledge about the upcoming task. This will most of be discussed later this morning. The short-term venture will begin with Monday, 11/15/04.

They’re my questions:

Does anyone know where I could find a good sample site design contract
What should my own client and WHEN I discuss before I begin working on the project
Would it be better to do to charge the hourly rate or a flat rate fee In the event that an hourly rate, how much must i charge
Just how much should I charge for website maintence. hosting & SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (novice in these kinds of areas)

This mobile phone call caught me a little bit offguard because Used to do not expect that will receive project in this way so soon, but I’m sure i always can get the job done.

I’ve more questions, but It’s my opinion I’ll easily chose the answers to all of them throughout my focus on this project. I detect things very swiftly.

Thanks in advance for your views and advice.

*" For a woman thinketh, and so is she. " * designdiva

You cannot decide on price before you decide to know what they need, so you have to do a small amount of investigation free involving charge. A good place to start is to match for lunch considering the client, find out even more about what they demand from you.

After you know what they demand, think about the time it’d take to generate, the hourly fee you’d expect for you to earn in a different job. But good an all inclusive (no hidden charges) physique. Maybe around $200-$300 in addition extras. Remember the purchase price can be negoiciated, start out high

http: //www. net-sites. com/contract. htm

WE wouldnt charge considerably extra for SEO, i’d just do it.
Hosting/Maintenance charges is based on on bandwidth / volume of update requirements. Have a shop at hosting organizations
I’d provide a first year discount on hosting.


" What should my own client and WHEN I discuss before I begin working on the project"

I might ask the purchaser what they expect with the website, what the pages are, some ideas they have, specific audience, price range, expected due night out, do they supply the images and also you Bascially anything that will help you make the can i their needs.

Furthermore, I think it would be better for you to definitely charge a chiseled rate. This way clients feel more secure and know just how much they can plan for the project.

For website SEO I might just add this in as I make the positioning, but I do know others who impose $50-$100 extra. Having maintenance, I only charge $50/hour. Normally maintenance are simply short updates.

If this can be a 15-20 page website We’d charge about $1000. If you should create their custom logo, then I would charge more closely for that.

Hope this helps out a bit.

If you’re over a learning curve I’d personally say it would be unethical to charge per hour, the way it is bound to take you more hours to style this site as compared to somebody who’s " done all this before"… and the client must not be made to afford training you.

I might think long and also hard about taking on this contract, unless you’re totally sure you can apply it. There would become nothing worse for your self esteem *and* your own reputation than to be able to muck it up and end up receiving the client badmouthing you to just about anybody. Negative comments are inclined to always be considered more seriously by simply future customers as compared with positive ones.

Simply a thought!


You must also question the purchaser about changes and also updating of
his or her site. If you have learned to script in PHP and also Perl, or may
sub-contract someone to try and do some scripting, a person’s client can change
graphics, text, etc. all by themselves using their web page with a
log-on password. I would estimate your client should be able
to take care of the content of these site all themselves.


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