Navigation Bar Help….

Hi I’m designing a new web site at this time, havent designed one frequent but the going theme with my own old ones was crap navigation night clubs.

I basically want one who looks and behaves in this way

Is the fact that PHP or a number of Java or a little something, I don’t know much this, i do learn my server supports almost everything though,

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Many thanks!

I cant seem to access the website link….

Have you seen javascript menus Have a look at http: //www. dynamicdrive. com/
They might have got a few menu structures that you may like….

Remorseful the page can be http: //www. filmmaking. net/

That would have to be javascript. A great way to find out that like thing is to measure the source program code. I found that line in theirs: < script src=" /includes/mmenu. js" type=" text/javascript" language=" JavaScript" >. From that it truly is pretty obvious to express to that the menu is js

certainly… and you can achive similar thing with css (and a small bit of js)

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/dropdowns/ or
http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/horizdropdowns/

I am an idiot, I obtained confused whe your suckerfish one started saying I’d to do this

foam: 0;
border: 0;
list-style: it’s unlikely that any;

Towards other bit I’d allready put inside, I donn’t find out any coding, well hardly any, well, none seriously…. some maybe, a little…..

I am confused.

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