Help launching an external program on host server

We have a question concerning the launching of the external application, locally over a webserver. I did a few several hours of research, nonetheless to no avail. This is probably due to my lack with knowledge in webdesign.

What I can do, is, host an online site with a one button/link that launches a course, or runs the command line script(either can accomplish my ultimate goal), locally to the webserver. I usually do not really care about anything aside from being able to invoke an opportunity on the webserver equipment via it’s hosted web page. I know how to create a webserver in addition to host a web page, I just do not know how to produce the page that launches the application.

Is it possible What would the simplest way be to start doing it, keeping in mind I need to read how to write/compile the program and website I will be intelligent enough to pick out something up immediately, but I have you should not spend 1000 a long time on learning a full language that WHEN I won’t use soon after this project.

What do you mean, exactly A computer owner presses a button as well as the program gets started within the server Does the consumer receive any matching interaction

If not, then it needs to be fairly trivial. Almost all server-side languages assist the system() get, which can be employed to run a system. For example, phpfunctionsystem/phpfunction

That is exactly why. Thank you. Which helps immensely. I believe I can figure it out at this point.

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