help with rollover img nav buttons and css

i’ve created some rollover nav buttons from image slices and area maps in Fireworks. they work fine on the html created.

but i’m designing the site with css, and after cutting and pasting the javascript, stand, and maps towards an html page linking on the css….. they never work!! actually, apart from even show upwards, big ol reddish colored X’s!!

i’ve double looked at my coding to ensure the onmouseover and all are pointing towards right files in the right directories, but still no fortune.

any kind of suggestions

the txt file could be the css page

You might want to upload the images into a host. At present you are associating to them on you hard drive, It’s my opinion. This is the once on the locations when I looked inside the properties: file: ///C: /DOCUME1/MIKE/LOCALS1/TEMP/solversoff8_r2_c1. gif

it doesn’t matter, you implement your own hard disk as a screening server, works the right way for everything other than them. i can preview our html linking to css to the same computer, and i could preview html made by fireworks regarding my navigation rollovers……, but i don’t realize how to code rollover graphics properly to work with a stylesheet.

seems to me it shouldn’t matter that i’m utilizing css, since many of the rollover code is definitely handled in code. i feel like i’m missing many fundamental detail someplace, but i can’t feel that its because now i am not uploading data to an additional server…… that will not compute.

Yeah, sorry about of which. What I mentioned sounded wrong soon after I posted the item… Don’t know things to tell you.

here’s the best way to do rollovers around css…

http: //wellstyled. com/css-nopreload-rollovers. html
http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/sprites/

answered my own ring question!

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