HTML Help please:

To start as i’m brand new – " hi"

I had been just wondering when somebody could you need to tell me just what it means when ur Html code turns yellow. I’ve just started off learning HTML (started yesterday to get exact ), that has a hope of advancing to other locations soon.

Furthermore i’m using dreamweaver along with would really value any tips or even links to lessons.

Thank you in advance


html code turning yellow… i’m assuming of your dreamweaver thing.

significant tip: if your starting to read html and utilizing dreamweaver, get towards code view… definitely not design view.

there’s a huge amount of html tutorials online.

but do remember the mother of most – www. w3. org —

I’ve by no means seen my program code turn yellow ahead of… what version of DW are you currently using

Yeah its a DM point (DM MX 2004). Yeah I’ve been using the signal view, though slow used to do feel it was cognizant of begin from a symptom. Have also discovered that DM mounts extra crap on the code when inside design view, is that simply just me or is it forever the situation

Yellow could be the code for PHP remarks..
It’s also the color for HTML form stuff.. Input, label or anything else.. Just expect hues to change around DW.. you can change the adjustments, if you need… Just browser through the menues etc..

Be specific!

" The code is yellow" informs me nothing. It’s like saying ‘when MY PARTNER AND I looked out that window today, we saw green. So what’s happening to New york. ‘

Does your HTML work Do you find it displaying as the idea should (when opening the actual result in a web browser) Are you currently asking " why is my code marked yellow when viewing this in DW"

To put it briefly, what is your problem
DW does POSSIBLY NOT add unneccessary code pertaining to HTML. It DOES add loads of incomprehencible code usuallu when you use the auto JavaScript snippets or even the built-in equipment laguage support.
The JS additional are primarily to ensure cross-platform compliance (as JS is actually client-side based), this serverside though, is probably clumsy tabloids of code which are building blocks for the more complex entire. I. e, they want to cover for all eventualities pertaining to code composition, hence their ‘blocks’ contain loads of unneccessary stuff!

On the other hand, if you’re nevertheless purely HTML, then DW isn’t adding ANYTHING beyond what the heck is required for that document to conform to certain web specifications (such as insurance definitions etc). If your document contains doing you hair of any kinds (fonts, colors), then DW2004 is determined to default to help CSS standards (you can alter this throughout preferences). This means DW will try to create stylesheets (a great number of them unfortunately) for virtually any styling you impose within the document you’re focusing on.

In case you are unfamiliar with model sheets, the code will probably seem surplus to you personally. If you Have an understanding of style sheets, you will see DW’s attempts to pay your requests, overly verbose and unstructured.

Judging from a initial statement, WE deem you while unqualified in CSS. Meaning you have an appearant overburden of incomprehencible signal.
Vary that in preferances, and purchase a book at HTML, followed by way of a starters guide in order to CSS.

You might then regard DW being an excellent tool to develop web projects.

oops… I answered an unacceptable post, sorry.

Oops sorry this.. yeah my code does work and i was actually seeking to say " why is my code marked yellow when viewing this in DW

The code appeared to work fine but for reasons uknown (all of it) arrived up highlighted inside yellow. The merely other thing, but i actually think this is my computer, is always that the design page came out blank when it must have featured my value in design view.

Haha sorry if this is alittle hard to comprehend at times although i’m slowly (yeah very) selecting it up.. cheers for your second bit very, i am really beginning to see the potential DM presents: classic:

Thanks for your help guys

Sorry to drag up a well used thread for an FYI, but in DW after you forget to shut a tag (hard to try and do as it automatically provides you with a closing tag) and also accidentally delete it and don’t put it back, it’ll highlight the available tag in orange.

That isn’t difficult to skip as I believe almost everyone don’t forget final tags.

No thats fine, a person’s info is a great deal appreciated.

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