How should I go about doing this?

The owner of a new team in my town saw online site I generated for my boyfriend’s band. He liked this and asked easily would be thinking about making one pertaining to his club. I’d like to make a single for him, but I’ve never made sites for money. It’s more on the hobby for myself. I don’t possess any real education from the field, it’s almost all self taught. I use Dreamweaver for making my sites together with. He said that he has a picture in the club he would like on the site, he wants the menu offered, and he wants various entertainment to possibly be updated regularly. I have already a hosting package I am going to be using, so I will be paying to the and the domain name. I was simply wondering how I should go about doing this. Can i have him shell out one up-front fee to the design and set up, and then a monthly to the site updates as well as hosting, or can i have him purchase a year worth of hosting/domain name and the design all up-front Any feedback on a design fee can be great too, since I’ve never accomplished this for money(I learn everyone hates that question, sorry). Any other tips or help on doing this is great. The site to the band I’m now doing is: http: //www. nicheband. com whenever that helps. Thanks for every feedback!

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