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Ok well I’d like to make some sort of portfolio site nevertheless I’m stuck on ideas and also the ideas that MY PARTNER AND I do have WE may like while i first develop them but before long I end upward not liking all of them. It’s like WE can’t pick some thing or stay very pleased of it. Anyone have any tips which could help me

Very vague question…

Types of portfolio… photos, visuals, drawings

Give us some sort of link to a few of the ideas you’ve already tried.
Give us links to a few of the " items" you are putting
in the portfolio.

Actually I was playing around having photoshop and There’s no doubt that I am up on a layout i may actually including. Oh yea I might post the strategies but I type of don’t have them anymore lol however as for the kind of stuff I would certainly put up it will be mostly graphics we have done throughout school and/or the spare time just like posters, logos, journal layouts, ads, and so forth. Mainly things similar to those type connected with stuff.

The world wide web is an thought databank.

Be aware layouts, color systems, fonts, details, features. The possibilities are usually endless.

And you can always glance here: www. coolhomepages. com

I also believe another problem i have when I try to do a site for myself usually it’s hard for me to be very pleased with what I produce. I don’t know why Come on , man if I can a design to get a poster or minor web splash thing I can work on the item until I’m happy but for any site I can’t get it exactly to end that adheres to that.

I think it’s like that for most web-site designers. At least, that’s how it’s for me. Hence I maintain redesigning my individual site and developing my skills give to make of which perfect site. It’ll never happen with luck though…

Subsequent time, try evolving a design rather then starting over. Many times, our dissatisfaction with our designs is a result of lack of content material or detail. Add details and see if you want it better.

Hmmm that a great idea. Usually I do just start over completely but MY SPOUSE AND I may just support one design and just evolve it following that. Oh yea that check out the cool web pages was really fine. i spent being a half hour earlier looking thought seeign what I liked and didn’t and may even use for my very own site.

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