How to access a static (jpg, gif) image from inside a flash file?

Heya guys,
First time poster here and web development beginner / born again beginners.
The net designer who formerly created our site is gone, and I’m opting trying to replace some pages. One of the things I’m endeavoring to do is to take out the flash data, as i understand the crawlers at ease with ’em. I realize how to remove the display object, but I’d like to see to access that photos (3 of scroll through) embedded in the flash file. Merely can locate that image files, I could insert them because static images.
I realize these images need to be hosted on your server (GoDaddy Linux internet hosting, in case which matters), but We’ve looked through many 8 pages connected with images on presently there, and the solely file (called home_pics. html) that seems as if it could comprise the images I would like is an HTML DOCUMENT file. When I attempt to " download", all that comes up is a blank page and no photos.
Does anyone understand how I can entry the discrete jpg as well as gif images from this HTML file
Any help could be much appreciated!
PS I apply Coffee Cup WEB CODING editor for FTP if that matters…

Images within a SWF file are embedded inside when the file is compiled. To get them out, you may have to either receive the original FLA report and export them following that, or get any SWF decompiler.

With thanks Steve, for ones reply.
WE see… the images were contained in the SWF file, which I did find around the server, right next to the HTML archive.
Regrettably, I don’t get an SWF decompiler, but maybe I could track down the first FLA files, when you suggest. But I’m not familiar with FLA file… what type of file is this And where may I find that… should it often be on our node somewhere, or would We would like to track down the first developer
Thanks again for your guidance!


Flash is not bad for your site as long as it is blended alongside standard spider readable text.

It only becomes a major problem if or the of the content is Thumb based.

This is due to the spiders never (generally) read the content with the flash swf file. So if all you’ve got is flash then the page will probably look blank for the search engine.

So in case you have flash and it gives a good message to your visitors then continue it but consist of some basic understandale text that conveys all the info.

By doing this you keep everybody happy.


If your images arent resized you could potentially always cheat in addition to use Prnt Scrn.

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