Trying to center whole page AND font not showing up

My organization is designing a website and I made use of a computer which has a " widescreen" formot check. Well, when I look at it on an everyday computer it is far too big and a lot of scrolling across is necessagy to watch the page. I managed to produce the page smaller sized, but I were going to know if there was anyway I could center the full page so it is available centered no matter what computer or browser can be used to view the item.

Additionally, I use a new font that comes on on my laptop, but on some other computers it comes on as Times new roman, and not the font i have used ot style and design the page. Every suggestions

Thanks ahead for your aid.

What program thinking of using to amalgamated the website With Dreamweaver or Frontpage you can center tables with the alignment property. As for font, what font thinking of trying to use Should the computer viewing your website does not develop the font on file since your using, then it will manifest the default font which might be Times New Roman. Aside from that, let me find out what program your using plus your font, and I shall be better able to help you out.

I am implementing Coffee Cup to build the web website. I am certainly not using table in any way, I just squeeze text and photographs directly onto any blank page. As for the font, it is a rare font, so you’ve solved my question with that.

What can be done is wrap everything in a very div " wrapper" as wide just like you want the page to be displayed and set in CSS the still left and right margins to be able to " auto. "

would you ming giving me certainly one of that and where that will put it in the source Thanks beforehand……..

Right following the body tag starts up (< body> ), your content starts. Your best bet can be to put a < div> following that. Then, the day the body label closes (< /body> ), anyone close the div (< /div> ). Next, you can utilize CSS to it using an identification. This is what exactly your code would appear like with the whole thing done (this can be an approximation, of training, since I need ideas of what your value looks right now):

< html>
< head>
< title> <! -- Your current title --> < /title>
<! -- Other head things -->
< style>

margin: 0px auto;

< /style>
< /head>
< body>
< div id=" body" >
<! -- your current content -->
< /div>
< /body>
< /html>

What Shadowfiend gave you is a good example. What he / she called #body I usually call #wrap since everything is wrapped in the container.

Also about the example he gave for the #body margins, I usually do most four sides.

< style>
INDENTmargin: 0px automotive 0px auto; /INDENT

< /style> 

In the above example the very first value is 0px that is certainly the top perimeter. From their the margins can start clockwise order. That means cost-free value is the proper and the third is bottom etc. Just thought We would throw a little tip in there.

That’s a great tip, but actually the actual neat thing about the CSS I posted usually it does exactly the same thing. When home has top, eventually left, right, and underlying part (borders, margins, support, etc), there tend to be three formats:

building: all;
property: top-bottom left-right;
building: top right bottom part left;

So crafting margin: 0px; is like writing margin: 0px 0px; which is like writing margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; Plus writing margin: 0px automotive; is the identical to writing margin: 0px automotive 0px auto;

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