How to link Menu to open bottom of website

I am still trying to learn to have the selection buttons are linked or associated
to open your pictures or text at the bottom half of the particular page. I have
included the link (sorry for this being so long) for example. How do a person do
that I appreciate almost any help and thankyou
http: //www. wix. com/kroggy/testygu%5Fid=f5227358%2D3b66%2D4a21%2Dbc87%2Dc9b3b0671f3a& partner%5Fid=WMGs4POB1ko%2Da& orgDocID=5Fgn2S9Rf6k%2Da& experiment%5Fid=empty& wsess=eE145%5F4l09tuU4dvNHvev0L57UnRzv9fXVVue6mbCPkk5LLmeD2vSBCD2iFhIwBAbXl%3BlI9lp3U%2Da& wixComputerID=cUSfqZq%2BSOAQd77HVsKMQWQyZwk67GYaX8TJdmcoffjnNuk5d4YOvc5Or8siSMuNTzcl7CJa5SkoPaAIR%2BME9Q%3D%3D

That will site is implementing Flash. You can start pages in different instances a website using frames or CSS when you wanted.

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