How to make a page proxy icon?

I am new to all these forums, so I apologize if this have been asked before. Used to do a forum seek out and couldn’t come across any info. SO anyway, my question is secure implement a web page proxy icon for your site I made a little bit icon I want to use, but I have no clue how to get my a way to show it. Promptly don’t know, a page proxy icon is a little icon that may be on the left on the page’s URL with your browser’s URL icon. For example, this site’s internet page proxy icon is often a little " W" in the circle, which you will observe for yourself currently by just taking a look at your URL bar with your browser.

Any help on easy methods to implement one of these brilliant would be loved, thanks! And apologies if that is the noob question.

In the event you search these user discussion forums for " favicon" you’ll find several threads that explain this.

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