How to move site to a different host?


Have to have some help.. Really does anybody know this particular:
I would really prefer to move my site to a different host, how do i do this

Thank you!!

When you obtain a new hosting program, they usually reveal something called that DNS record (it looks such as " ns1. domainnameserver. com" ). After you have this information, you need to go to your domain registrar (which will be website that a person registered your domain name with) and bring up to date the DNS record to this the new web hosting service has presented you.

An instant and simple explination of the DNS record could be: The address that your user gets sent straight to once someone has typed your domain name (more or less).

I am hoping this helped. Please let me know when you need a good hosting service, i have the one that has really impressed me.

Many thanks.

Also, FTP your blog to your different space.

Greetings!!: ichatbiggrin:

Many thanks for your acknowledgement!!

to be able to Wired, I’m so greatful for your!!

to be able to OptimumSite. com, any particular one do really made it easier for me. Somewhat set it up some thoughts related to with my prob..
anyway, I really recognize the value of your offer. Going to work this stuff out first, after that let’s see.. fine! thanks anyway!!; -).

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