How to see what my page looks like in older browsers versions w/o installing

There has to be any way to discover my design, and test javascript compatibility with a lot of different browsers/versions withought having to install each just one on my computer system I thought post remembered seeing an opportunity that did which somewhere but cannot remember what it’s.


Check away http: //www. danvine. com/iecapture/

It is down right now but that will assist you to view your site in a very few older surfers.

Also look at iCapture, which demonstrates to you Safari on your Mac. It’s up presently. Both links will be in my sig.

Theyre together down. Ill have a shot at again later.

Look at BrowserCam http: //www. browsercam. com it expenditures $10 for 1 hour, but you gets snapshots of your webblog in various browsers running on different OS (eg IE4 managing on Win 98) you are able to crawl your full site, or only one page.

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