Multiple browsers for testing

I currently have got Mozilla Firefox and IE installed and also was wondering if it becomes a good idea to setup another browser to test my sites about.

Would this conflict when using the other browsers

Beware of any major disparities in other browsers than a site optimised with regard to IE and Mozilla Firefox could look different in Opera or Netscape.

I’m unsure of any big differences with Opera, nevertheless I’ve seen quite a few minor differences. Mainly it renders just like FF though. You possibly can cancel out the brand new version of Netscape because it steals rendering from whatever other browser you’ve got.

If I fitted opera would it conflict with Net explorer or firefox or cause any problems

In terms of i know that won’t, I own both installed. I’d also recommend testing on lynx just to see what your webblog will look such as on text-only browsers and search engine optimization spiders.

We’ve checked it at lynx, lucky thing MY PARTNER AND I put those wording links on at the end of the page!!!

Now just to have my school challenge site partly obeyed I any longer ! do much next time i go back.

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