Is Agency FB a standard font?

We are looking to utilize Agency FB with forthcoming project, but wanted to recognise if it had been installed on computers as standard It looks installed on 2 PCs tested, both have Office XP and relatively standard XP Professional OSs – can it be installed as typical on other OSs or even what have you

Many thanks. let me know for those who have it, or should you haven’t got them what PC software spec you have – as I don’t wish to cut out a great number of users from the website.

Well, less than 5 minutes after posting it appears that it will be installed with Author 2003 – is that oftimes be a large number of users I am ignoring plainly use it

I’m employing a PC running EXP… I do possess that font, but my guess can it be came packaged with such as Photoshop; or should you be lucky MS Office. I don’t consider Publisher is contained in the recent Office EXPERIENCE set anymore; you will need to obtain it independently.

The entire idea about font-family is always that if a a number of font isn’t established on someones system it’ll more along to the next one within the list. You may as well use this operation, seems like a waste to never.

If it is not installed on many Macs I do think Futura is very similar in style. you may additionally want to consider Eurostile

I have Agency FB jogging on Windows XP with Office 2000. It’s a school computer however so I dont really understand what all’s installed about it.

Thanks with the responses people!

Microsoft says that it is installed using Publisher 2003, so I do think that is probably an amazing limited number regarding people, as, seeing that Trico said, Writer isn’t bundled along with Office anymore.

Thanks with the similarity suggestion, any body understand of anywhere to discover if I can find any other pretty common matches It isn’t the end of the world as I might always put Trebuchet/Verdana in the font family location anyway.

try looking at font sites or something or give an opportunity to the end users to downlaod the font to examine the page the way it was designed……

FWIW, I do not own it installed.

You could always use sIFR obviously

Whats sIFR

scalable Inman Thumb Replacement, it basically allows you to have any font you wish on a PC with which has flash installed, with boring browser text if you don’t.

http: //www. mikeindustries. com/blog/archive/2004/08/sifr

kewl gotta study up anout the following

Agency FB is just not on my pc.

Note there are only a small number of fonts that are usually widely acceptible regarding web, any thing else you will need to embed in your graphics (or adobe flash movie). There’s another thread over it look here.

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