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world wide web. shadysfix. com
world wide web. shadysfix. com/forum
world wide web. shadysfix. com/4images

We have not done much promoting by any means so Im not worrying ’bout to be able to much info. Qustions We have:

– What could make this site appearance better
: Anything over done

I figured it might be alot better to increase the new’s related to the forum to get more people drawn in. I’m sure this would take awhile til’ MY SPOUSE AND I get member’s lively after I start promoting it but I’d like the guest throughout ‘awe’ before I start. You learn, Perfect.

As We have said in other post this is my first web page so please huh if it’s definitely not great.

Many thanks,

Shadysfix. com

You’ve done nothing with the problematic navigation since the last thread.

Actually We have Eddy. Do the thing is the hover if you roll over it Why don’t you consider when you press because of goto another site I actually needed your suggestion plus just got creative about it.
What exactly can you suggest You just told me it wasn’t good knowning that you didn’t like it more or less.. What can be done

Thank you for being considering helping me.

Shadysfix. com

POST can’t read a person’s navigation links, (well I’ll, barely. ) But Im just another care-free web user who can’t be bothered to.

The very best and bottom areas of the letters are getting lost in that will grungey border. The tops are important because they are mainly what the eye uses to help decipher one notice from another.

This also looks like you’re looking to fit too much inside the space available, you could condense as much links, or reduce the actual size of these people so there’s a lot more space in-between just about every word.

btw. you missed this ‘d’ out within your first link.

Thank you Trico.

Yes I used to be trying to fit alot there. Im some what, seasonal affective disorder. This is due to the fact I spent a great deal time on the following and after MY SPOUSE AND I start promoting I am going to have to create a new one. Basically took me monthly to get this so far as I have. Im a newbe during photoshop and WHEN I learned HTML with regard to www. myspace. com than I just excelled from presently there.
Nonetheless Yeah, I will have your advice as well as make eash phrase smaller so there is more space in in the mail or so. I believe Im going to help goto bed.

Thank you All For Everyone Help And Assist.

Shadysfix. com.

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