Is it just me or is the idustry slowing down slightly

Will it be just me or will be industry starting for you to slow. Freelance work seems to have harder and harder to locate. Any one altogether different having trouble

Well… I’m interested around seeing the responses to the current thread. Things are slowing down with luck at my existing employer and I’m at the moment considering making any leap into freelance and consulting work.

I have been previously thinking exactly the opposite. Over here the company has gotten an amazing amount of business previously few months, and I preserve getting inquiries for websites while I’ve taken my own portfolio offline. Luckily with luck, the friends WE refer them for you to are nice enough to give me a wonderful referral fee

In truth, one of our own longest standing staff members made the hop to freelance 2 , 3 weeks ago. He’s got 3 kids – and so I doubt he’d jump in devoid of the market being great.

Maybe you ought to read into promoting.

I would agree with brak. Things sound like hotting up inside the design community and you can find some fantastic work starting for being produced. As far as Allow me to see the foreseeable future is looking really good. People are starting to appreciate what good design are capable of doing for companies.

I don’t think you can appraise the industry on just any nearby demmand for websites or your own personal experience. There is a huge number of competition on the market now, so I can understand why you might think that, but if you ever get a happy break then this may change your opinion beyond doubt.

When brak said, advertising would help. I have noticed recently that many people seem to rely an excessive amount on their profile website and wanting online for work, which is an enormous mistake. I accustomed to do the exact same.

I have noticed that most of my work previously year has come from testimonies and luck of knowing the right people and finding myself the right place with the right time. Just one project has at any time come from my site that really materialised. The rest associated with enquiries were simply from people seeking a forum epidermis or something!

Thanks for the input, you’re definitely right. Right now I’m working for a firm whole time but I’ve been looking for freelance use the idea that before long I’d transition compared to that full time. We’ve been relying mostly on my on the web portfolio and discussion boards and job sites to locate freelance work. Luckily my girlfriend features a high profile job containing us at a lot of social events. I guess WHEN I should start making better make use of those contacts.
Bless you again,

The industry here(South Africa) is for no reason overflooded. I dont use a portfolio up but, but Ive landed 2 major contracts for sites wedding party word-of-mouth and revealing to people what I do.

Another thing We have realised here is the fact webdesign companies do not make use of web standards, nor do they’ve got a clue precisely what CSS is. Which makes selling an affiliate site to a company extremely easy!

A great chance to get together some business cards and give away. And buy the guy with the flashest clothes the beer: lick:

yeh There’s no doubt that if you advertise yourself to be a freelancer you’re not as likely to get work than if you ever " pretend" to become a real company using a real office or anything else.

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