Real-Time Updates as Calendar Dates are Purchased

I need to take a new weekend crash course on working with a calendar of available slots one and a equivalent database updated every time a slot is acquired. The customer are going to be using a Digg! Merchant Starter package, which will allow the credit-based card purchases, but that doesn’t support real-time updating of external directories, so it seems like that’s all at me.

Google! supports PHP & Perl scripting; MySQL databases.

What is the best solution with this It’s a not one but two way street, appropriate, so I need an answer for updating the DB when the credit card is confirmed, and I as well need the appointments to properly load there are various DB each time period the page loads.

(The DB can be so simple, I really could even imagine working with a text file, but maybe that is certainly just my comfort and ease zone… )

So a little simple explanation / viewpoint of what know-how I should utilize, that would possibly be great, and as well, any book suggestions can be much appreciated.

Also yeah, links to free of charge scripts that may fit the bill, that would possibly be very nice, very.


Uncertain if this helps or not.

But I produced a availibility cander for your holiday retal site last year.

You update that calander via any backend that lloks very simalr into the front end.

You will see a working case in point (front and backside ends) here:

http: //www. rrss. corp. uk/cal_ex/

Let me know or maybe it’s useful back and I’ll send you most of the code.

Amazing, that’s exactly what I’d personally need.

Before I even examine the code nevertheless, can you only give me any basic explanation of how i did it

Get real, what type of code you’re using to the front, what you’re using for the back… I seen the source (and keep in mind, I’m a beginner to web lisenced users, I didn’t even understand what the " DTD" HTML meant) in addition to I couldn’t view any code inline and also I couldn’t see any url to code on the server.

Well I achieved it in PHP and also MySQL.

It was actually important I started learning PHP from the start.

The particular MySQL table this use has TWELVE rows, one per month, and a field with the name of that month, then 31 much more fields that represent the times of the month.

Each one ‘day’ field could hold a integer, with 0 meaning in a given period is booked, A SINGLE meaning provisional, and also 2 meaning established.

Wrote the PHP to endure each day of the month, and monthly of the year or so. For each day of the year the script determines the state in the corosponding MySQL table and adjusts the background colour to match.

The update calender will be the same, except as opposed to just printing in a given period of the four week period, the script marks a link considering the month and day of the month as your GET statement to the end of the particular URL. This links with a script which displays a form helping you to enter the new state in the day and how many days to update with the date that had been clicked.

This particular from send that month, date, new state and lots of days to a script which changes the MySQL stand.

Thats basicly this, there was a bit more work to obtain format right. For instance the rows within the HTML table tend to be off set based on the day of the week the thirty days starts.

Expectation this helps.

Hope this helps Have you been kidding me That helped a whole lot! Okay, I think I’m about to go buy a couple of books first (recommendations appreciated) and maybe I’ll hit you up with the code after I obtain good foundation (so no less than when you post me the code I’ll know what the heck I’m taking a look at. )

Thanks for bothering to help out and about.

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