Is there an app for managing upcoming events/shows?

We are making a web site for someone who needs to post club situations that their
company promotes.

I need the person youngster should be log into your backend and place new events so that they get added to some list that underlines next to the expanded view with the latest post (kind of like a blog).

Most current post with graphic and event story.

Set of clickable event bands with dates. Should you click on you, it shows up in the Left column, replacing the most recent one.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I hope there is a pre-made application we can just plug into the existing layout

Can be your existing layout a static web page (or something including WordPress)
Quite simply, you manually update the page when it ought to be changed

yes this is a static web article that otherwise I will manually change

I have no idea of any pre-made applications (that wouldn’t normally require customizing)…
How much did you know about PHP (and/or MySQL)

Oh – We are definitely ready to help customize.

So far my personal best option is apparently taking a web log app and stripping out each of the features that I have no need to use (so, only maintain your blog posts, plus a ‘latest posts’ column.

We can edit php a little, and have produced basic mysql concerns from php ahead of. I am just wondering if you find already a stripped down version on the blog, that is actually an ‘upcoming events’ or perhaps ‘concerts’ manager..

We’d code it me personally.

THE MySQL table having:
Document ID that increments
image path/filename
actual event date
description (or text) from the event
when to start out displaying the event
when to prevent displaying the event

You do have a simple admin page that lets these individuals upload the image,
variety a description in addition to event date… and quite a few important, they
enter when it’s going to appear and disappear.

They can key in events months early in advance and they will
automatically switch on the correct start plus stop times.
No requirement that left and right column point.

They will add, edit, and delete any from the events (records).

exciting suggestion. I am looking into nucleus CMS right this moment – it looks like i can apply it for what I need, but if it similar to be very difficult to flex my way, I am going to probably do just what you’re suggesting.

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