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I’m just starting with php and I became wondering if you will find any tools that will making websites from it.

For instance I wrote a code that prints " hello world" for the page. How must i see if that works without uploading it to my server Is there any way.

Thanks with the help.

Superior question. I’m uncertain of the solution myself, but most likely can, and I’m really sure I’ve discovered this myself.

Why not just build hosting on your PC That way shipping and delivery have to publish.

By " Set up hosting on your PC" jlgosse, does one just mean down load and install Apache as well as Abyss Web Server or there has to be a different technique

You’ll ought to download and deploy something. You can install Apache if you care. I haven’t mounted it myself, although I’ve heard of which www. easyphp. org is easier than you think to install along with use.

I actually basically mean setup a test server on your house pc.

http: //localhost/phptests/script. php/

That’s what it is.

Hmm I will try thanks.

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