Is using ‘Web safe’ colors still important?

Is actually using Web safe colors still important Are the statistics low plenty of on those not having a wider range of colors, so it isn’t an concern anymore What do you use


" No"

(Do they’re certified for ‘web safe colours’ during this forum. )

This web-safe color colour pallette is 216 colors. Most computers display 16777216 or even more colors. For essentially the most part, it is definitely an obsolete palette.

And all on this occasion I thought I was being a good Web designer. Thanks for that input.


There is nothing wrong with with the 216 websafe colors. It just depends upon your audience along with how important it really is that they can accuratly see the colors you intend to use.. Usually it has the just an astetic concern and unimportant, but sometimes its crutial. Utilize your judgment. I found a good way to test out the effects of color substution upon sites with high color depths would be to either drop concerning 50 bucks(or less) on a vintage computer with remover monitor, or go lower to your local libary, to view your webblog. Basicly, any computer that falls within 200mhz with earn 95 or a lesser amount of and IE 4. 0 or less is going to do.

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