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I am trying to reprogram a website without knowing much about programming. My first big hurdle was turning a niche site designed in illustrator into the proper website, which I did by slicing inside fireworks, but then came the challenge of searchability. Because the text was a great gif image it turned out n’t searchable.

What I finished up doing was obtaining the image in addition to inserting text in dreamweaver. Since the text is now in the physique, is this searchable And in addition, there is a great deal of white space while in the site, which as a consequence of my settings plus slicing made all of them into blank white gif images. Does this effect coursesmart negatively Does it take more time to load If and also, do I just simply delete the images and will that have just about any possible negative effect

Thanks so much in advance.

oh yea, the site can be www. newjerseyhairtransplants. com

You did good if you take text right out the images and only typing it in. It will become searchable.

Short answer – yes it will eventually take more occasion to load. Employing single color. gif’s though shouldn’t allow it to be take MUCH longer than simply using a variety of tables and or even css tables and also just setting that background to white.

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