Just why firefox is an indespensible tool

You will want to start a thread about this Most of us using Firefox know it’s inherit strengths. I wanted to prove it to the rest of the crowd.

ONE. CSS Advantange (See screenshot)

I decided to create a WP structure. I don’t desire to change the HTML, just the CSS. Therefore, I scrapped the CSS while using Edit CSS functionality of the Web Developer proxy. Then to aid the task I’ve shown ID/Class details. Ta-Da the finest CSS editing instrument ever. No looking at source. Instant visual changes. The perfect CSS manager.

There is my reason, let us hear yours.

ONLY TWO. Tabbed Browsing

MY SPOUSE AND I absolutely love this kind of function, allowing me have many tabs open from the one browser the idea looks much purifier, as well because the ability to combination refer pages quickly and never having to look through your grouped icons to the start-bar.

While using ‘Tabbrowser’ extension communities from here allows me to counteract more Firefox home windows opening, as well as forcing all external links to open inside a new tab with regard to exmple. There are lots of many different solutions to use it too!

Fine-grained handle over functionality.

This needs a bit of an explanation. Go through the options (Tools-> Options) and view how finely it is possible to tweak the capabilities. Want javascript made possible Cool, but I really don’t want popups or any among the other JS service. Want to diable your viewer plugin (e. he., flash, quicktime, etc) Confident. Enabling it is as speedy.

And we can have got plugins. I develop the Webdeveloper and Dwell HTTP Plugins because I would like them to make websites (usually that will troubleshoot my errors ). Others will need other functionality, plus they can get the item.

That’sthe reason I love that browser – the idea allows me to undertake what I might like to do my way.

The option to organize bookmarks/favourites rapidly and easily. That’s concerning the only thing, which often made me shift IE.

Can it be that hard to help press ctrl+b

Maybe you do not quite understand just what he meains Riat Sila Take a look at my screenshot. Everything is drag along with drop. I used to never use my bookmarks… now I have to have dozens of them. And I work with them all all the time.

The vast availability of Extensions, as well as everyone that works on them.

Firefox gets a lot more useful and successful everyday. I have a good extension that sets iTunes’ controls within the status bar involving my browser, so We can start it way up and control the music right from my browser. Relating to a GMail expansion that checks my GMail every TWELVE minutes and let us me know after i have new snail mail. I also have Bookmark Synchronizer established on my laptop and desktop. Every time I start up Firefox on also machine, it downloads the most recent version of my bookmarks from my FTP, and after i close the visitor, it uploads my own bookmarks.

The list keeps growing and on. I think it really is virtually impossible capability to deliver not to get an extension they find useful and cool from the 135 (and growing) accessible extensions.

I figure Relating to so many bookmarks that the search feature could well be nice. I’m looking ahead to someone to produce a plugin that would:
ONE. allow me seek out the bookmark title
ONLY TWO. search for that bookmark URL
THREE. cache each bookmarked page, and i want to search the textual content on that

therefore for " internet design" I would obtain several matches with this place (the bill, the URL as well as the page content) – I’m n’t invariably so logical in my bookmarking hierarchies but I can easily remember the subject of the page so keeping the " cache" concerning the site would end up being veeeeery useful.

1 + 2 were implemented. See the small Search Box over the bookmarks

I really like FireFox. The finest thing since divided bread, that’s what exactly I say!
Why Lots more reasons, the extentions, CSS assist, themes. It can be an all round much better browser then any with the others and them renders better then every other browser, so it is wonderful for testing out your own work.

Effectively, Firefox is fine, but it’s not reliable.
The developers couldn’t put any effort making it rock secure.
At first (6 years past… ) I applied IE (like anyone when he’s a noob), then later Manged to get Opera and dearly loved it, fast, efficient, and with a great deal of cool skins in addition to things.
After that I saw Firefox 0. 8 and thaught that it could be a nice cell phone browser, got it along with customized it (skins, internet dev toolbar, tabs… ). But for a week later, and seeking out for a few things POST didn’t like (too uncomplicated status bar IMO, compared to the lots of details Opera gives), the system crashed. Reboot, as well as Firefox won’t go. OK, c’mon, I edited a couple of files in this FF profile, and it would run again, but the session considering the 10 or so tabs was dropped (I had your session saver extension).
A couple of days later again a crash (well, a electric power outage) and once more FF won’t run, and this time there seems to be no way to get it alive yet again.
Therefore trash FF, to get the newest Opera, in 10 units it looked the way in which I like, vs. taking about One hour installing and establishing crap in FF.
That is because Opera features everything out-of-the-box: tabs, tabs drag along with drop, session saver (real saver, not alone when you close the app personally, but also any time windows goes wild), acquire manager, undo-close-tab, IRC, newsfeed audience, integrated search application, that works in a great deal of engines, blahblah.
Opera seriously isn’t free, but at least I style loose 1 hour all the time windows gets insane or the energy goes away for a while.

Actually: I had practically written this post if your power went away for a less than a second, and opera going as normal, with all the tabs like these were.
I really like Opera

Relating to never had any difficulties with firefox even after installing a large quanity of extentions in it. Opera I identified really slow in addition to I only work with it for checking our sites work in many browsers. IE I find is just rubbish and never apply it.
MY SPOUSE AND I fint the mozilla material bullet proof.

ive got an instant question if oughout instal Firefox can u still work with IE

i am sorry for somwhat hijacking ur thread

You have as many browsers installed since you want (excluding several versions of many, such as numerous versions of IE).


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