Seeking "Manhattanesque" site design


I’m seeking web-sites — any sites at all that come to mind — that might serve being an inspiration for my own ring company site(s), the planning for which I’m outsourcing. I’m searching for something professional, management and business, " Manhattanesque" — realistic in design, helpful in structure, not having superfluous, unnecessary elements of any kind, a cognitive oasis, should you would, and created while using fullest regard for the reason for these
site(s) — its form following it is function. The kind of site Howard Roark (points once you learn the reference! ) would love to visit.

My firm is going to be offering web expert services, including: hosting; style; domain registration; support (via live chat plus a ticket system) for sure web-based applications; etc.

The theme I’m seeking might inform the eventual design off sites of our company, from the central to the smallest subdivision.

The input is liked. Thanks!

Lyceum (John).

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