kill fee for large website?

I’ve designed and maintained a website for a very popular
good ole’ n’ roll wrist band for about 6TH years. They became successful and
weren’t when I going the designing. (they were inside top 10
for many months in 2000-2001). Now they want to gain me to surrender
the passwords and such for your site for another person to work
on it and take it all away by me. (They have already the
passwords for your domain name, but is not the hosting along with such). I
think I deserve some kind of kill fee… probably $10, 000 (remember,
they’re millionaires). I have never had any sort of contract with
these, but I are actually paid regularly without any problems as any
conditional employee and also have paid taxes on my earnings.
Exactly what does everyone think What can i do

Any help could be appreciated. Thanks.

It can be terribly unethical. It’s ideas that adheres to that that give webmasters careless name.

Quite simply, you want for you to extort them books have information that is definitely legally theirs, but you’d like to claim it is yours.

I don’t even think so – I had a similiar scenario that actually made it to court and it also was awarded inside my favor.

Having little warning as well as gratitude, it’s people that adheres to that band that CAUSE webmasters to behave in ways that give us bad brands.

I don’t see how band could be asked to be charged a ‘kill fee’. They have paid for the work that have been done so far therefore they own your website and can administer it as they definitely see fit. A gardener would not charge a ‘kill fee’ should the garden’s owner chose another person to look following a plants – why is this different

As there isn’t any maintenance contract and also lulabelle isn’t on the retainer then exactly what does the band by law owe the designer Little.

The truth that they have turn into millionaires has absolutely nothing to do with their website in fact it is wrong to sometimes bring that up when dealing with this.

This does bring a harmful name to web-site designers, if there’s absolutely no maintenance contract then prohibited selling a product to some customer, once that item is supplied then the purchaser owes nothing more in fact it is bad practice for you to demand an arbitrary sum even though they won’t be putting anymore work your manner (especially a sum based on the customers profits from an unrelated source).

I didn’t think of the no 2 year contract part – I *HAD* legal contract.

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